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Resume of a manicurist: guidelines

"All professions are important, all professions are necessary" - everyone knows this line from a children's poem by heart. It doesn't matter what a person does, as long as his or her work is honest.

A few decades ago, the job of a manicurist and pedicurist in a salon was considered shameful. Mothers used to scare relaxed daughters before graduation by threatening them with an undignified job and not joining university, and the term 'manicurist' itself was offensive.

Market trends

After a while, the labour market has changed dramatically. A good specialist - his name, his image, loyal customers, the struggle on the part of competitors seeking to re-buy and poach the master.

And if 5-8 years ago, when in order to get a job in a beauty salon was enough, knock on the door, to offer their services, now you need to go through all the stages of the classical selection, from compiling a nail technician resume and sending it to the employer and ending with an interview with the owner or manager.

Writing a CV

To compose your resume properly, you need to understand the requirements of the salon staff.

Resume should include the main sections: experience, materials used, techniques, skills, training courses, diplomas and certificates.

Requirements for the professional

As in any field, the demands on salon professionals are getting tougher and tougher. In order to meet the wishes of any client, a number of mandatory requirements are imposed on the master.

The master must know:

  • fashionable trends in nail design;
  • structure and diseases of the nails and skin;
  • techniques, methods and techniques of hand massage;
  • rules, methods and techniques for pedicures, manicures, nail design and extensions;
  • Techniques for nail decoration and nail shaping;
  • The rules of tools and equipment use, the structure of the used specialised equipment;
  • Rules of tools usage, rules of storage, types of tools and purpose of each tool;
  • preparations and properties of the preparations, varieties of materials, norms of consumption of materials and their application;
  • basics of drawing and composition;
  • ways to prepare special liquids, varnishes, various solutions;
  • techniques for first aid, as well as first aid in case of illness or sudden trauma;
  • regulations for the provision of services;
  • instructions for keeping the workplace in a safe condition;
  • techniques and methods of safe work;
  • rules of work order, sanitation, hygiene.

Master manicure and pedicure resume should be based on what the requirements of a particular salon. If there is no experience with the necessary techniques or materials, it is necessary to specify only what you have had to deal with.

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